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Medical Aid & Insurance

As a rule, medical insurance is a formal requirement of applying for the Russian visa. Additionally, all international  visitors are required to have a medical insurance policy for the whole duration of their stay in Russia. 

Russian Medical Insurance

It is recommended that you take care of your medical insurance before coming to Russia. 
If your medical insurance expires during your study at HSE, you can purchase a medical insurance to your liking from the list below. These medical insurance policies can be obtained only upon arrival in Russia. They all work for 12 months. You can also choose a medical insurance from other insurance companies.


Health insurance options for international students

Insurance company

Insurance premium
per calendar year

What is included

Insurance coverage

To purchase a policy
refer to these contacts:


 Insurance Overview 






Basic option I 
3200 / 4840 roubles 

Option II 
5200 / 6670 roubles 

Option III
6200 / 7770 roubles


Basic option includes:
- Emergency first aid on an outpatient basis 
- Dental treatment (for acute pain) 
- Emergency inpatient care 

Option II includes additionally:
- Emergency medical services, house calls (within MKAD and in Odintsovo) 

Option III includes additionally:
- Emergency medical services, house calls (within MKAD and within 30 km from MKAD,  in Odintsovo and VNIISSOK)

100 000 Roubles

Address in Moscow:
Kievskaya St., 7
(Kievskaya metro station)


Ekaterina Dmitrenko

E-mail: ekaterina.dmitrenko.rgs@ya.ru

Contact centre: 


Policy is issued on the day of applying. Policy is valid in 5 days.

Courier delivery is possible. 


 Insurance Overview 




5 800 Roubles

Additional options: 
1 400 roubles - certificate for dormitory accommodation (once per the coverage period)

3600 roubles - additional tests: hepatitis B, measles, malaria, yellow fever

- Outpatient care
- 24-hour injury treatment services
- House calls (within MKAD)
- Dental treatment (in emergencies) 
- Emergency medical services (within MKAD)
Inpatient care
- R
epatriation of remains
Accident insurance


200 000 Roubles

Address in Moscow:
Vorontsovskaya St. 
35Б, building 2, office 629 
(Krestyanskaya Zastava metro station, Proletarskaya metro station) 

+7(495)988-64-24 - Eduard English speaking manager

+7(968)430-41-12 - Denis
Request can be sent in English

Policy is issued and valid in 2 days after applying

SK RESO-Garantiya

 Insurance Overview 






8 250 Roubles

Insurance plan can be adjusted:

only outpatient care = 5400 roubles 
only inpatient care = 2150 roubles
only dental treatment = 700 roubles


- Outpatient care
- House calls (within 30 km from MKAD)
- Emergency medical services (within 30 km from MKAD)
- 24-hour injury treatment services
Inpatient care (in emergencies)
Dental treatment (in emergencies)

2 500 000 Roubles for outpatient care and house calls

1 000 000 Roubles for dental treatment

5 000 000 Roubles for emergency and inpatient care

West VIP-DMS, RESO-Garantiya

Irina Artemieva, Director 
phone: +7(499)726-61-93
mobile: +7(916)113-40-71

For registration of the contract completed application form should be sent in electronic format in Russian language at: irina.artemyeva@email.reso.ru necessarily specify contact phone. Next, we will reconfirm the address where you can pick up the finished document. 

Ekaterina Skrepko
phone: +7(499)726-61-62 
mobile: +7(926)529-66-21
E-mail: skrev@reso.ru

Policy is issued and valid on the day of applying.


 Insurance Overview 





6 100 Roubles

Insurance plan can be adjusted:

outpatient care, emergency care, emergency inpatient care = 3000 roubles

certificate for dormitory accommodation = 1500 roubles 
dental treatment = 900 roubles
repatriation of remains = 700 roubles

- Outpatient care
- House calls (within MKAD)
- Impatient care in emergencies (up to 20 days)
Emergency medical services (within MKAD) 

100 000 Roubles 

115184, Moscow, Malaya Ordynka Str., 50  
Dobryninskaya metro station) 

Sales office 
Romanova Zhanna
+7(495)276-00-10 * 93-63

Policy is issued and valid in 2 days after applying.


- Dental treatment (in emergencies, for patients presenting with pain) 

5 000 Roubles 

- Repatriation of remains100 000 Roubles


 Health Insurance Plan 

 List of medical institutions 








5 000 Roubles


- Primary health care (appointment with a doctor, house call to a student's accommodation, including the dormitory in Odintsovo);
- Emergency first response;
- Specialized medical care (outpatient and inpatient treatment);
- Transportation in case of sudden illness or accident;
- Repatriation

 500 000 Roubles

29 Serebryanicheskaya naberezhnaya, Business centre "Serebryanyi Gorod", Moscow
(Chkalovskaya Metro Station) 

Daria Romanova 
+7(495)725-78-90 ext. 15-62 
E-mail: Daria.Romanova@ergo.ru  

Office hours:
Mon-Fri: 9:30 - 18:00
Sat-Sun: closed

4th Floor, 48 Molodezhnaya Ulitsa, Odintsovo, Moscow Region

Mikhail Kucherenko
E-mail: Mikhail.Kucherenko@ergo.ru 

83 Nevzorovykh Ulitsa, Nizhny Novgorod 

Yuliya Ovsyannikova 
+7(831)299-98-68 ext. 53-25 
E-mail: Yuliya.Ovsyannikova@ergo.ru 

Office hours:
Mon-Fri: 9:00 - 18:00
Sat-Sun – closed 

Call center: 8 800 200-22-24


The insurance policy is issued and becomes effective on the same day.

- Emergency dental care

10 000 Roubles

Insurance policy is available to HSE international students studying in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod

Insurance policy can be used across the Russian Federation (it covers your academic mobility between HSE campuses, trips to conferences, competitions and tourist trips within the country);

Service Company - Europe Assistance CIS;

The "Sports on Campus" programme is also part of this insurance plan (the programme covers risks associated with active sports and recreation, participation in official sports competitions, physical training sessions and other sports events held on the university’s premises).


LEXGARANT Insurance Company LLC

Insured person may be a capable person aged 18 to 59 years inclusive
350 000 Roubles

Maly Zlatoustinsky Pereulok, 10, Bldg. 2 
(Lubyanka or Kitay Gorod Metro Stations) 

+7 (495) 933-80-80

Office hours:
Monday - Friday 
10.00 am - 7.00 pm 

!!! Policy is issued on the day of application displayed on an official numbered letterhead (with a hologram and bar code).

Policy is valid on the 5th day after issuing, but not earlier than the date of insurance premium payment.

When insurance case occurs insured calls to 24/7  hot line. Operators speak English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.



Health Insurance Program 

       5 000 roubles

(On Mondays 10% discount for policy purchasing)
Valid throughout the territory of the Russian Federation 





- Primary health care and specialized medical care in the emergency form (including a General practitioner visit at home at the place of residence of the Insured Person)100 000 Roubles
- Dental care for acute dental pain10 000 Roubles
- Repatriation of remains240 000 Roubles

Health Insurance Program
        4 500 roubles 

1. The policy complies with the requirements of the Migration centers for obtaining patent or work permit 
2. Valid in one Russian Federation region
- Primary health care and specialized medical care in the emergency form (including dental care for acute dental pain)
110 000 Roubles
- Repatriation of remains240 000 Roubles

If you need a consultation about a particular medical insurance option listed in the file above, contact Natalia Romanova, manager of HSE Office of Staff and Student Benefits.

Emergency Care (Ambulance)

In case of medical emergency (e.g. acute pain, fever, trauma) immediately dial '112' (from cellphone) or '103' (from a landline phone). An ambulance can be called to any location within Russia free of charge. 

FIRST MEDICAL AID may be received at HSE Medical Units:

  • at 20, Myasnitskaya Str., Room № 105, 
Monday-Friday 10 AM – 17.30 PM
  • at 44, Izmaylovskoye shosse, 2-nd Floor (next building to 33, Kirpichnaya str.)
Monday-Friday  8 AM – 8 PM
  • at 2, Kochnovsky proezd, 2-nd Floor, Room № 217
Monday-Friday  9 AM – 4 PM 


If you already purchased an insurance policy, please check that it is valid in Russia and obtain a list of hospitals that cooperate with your insurance company or will definitely provide medical assistance based on your insurance plan.  

Check that you have:

  • An insurance card
  • Insurance plan details and conditions of applying for medical treatment / services
  • Your insurance company’s emergency contacts
  • A list of hospitals / medical centres to apply to in Russia
Make sure your health insurance coverage includes the following:
  • consultations and treatment from a physician and medical specialists
  • doctor's visit at home
  • calling the ambulance at home, emergency hospitalization
  • basic instrumental studies: X-ray, ultrasound, functional and endoscopic diagnosis
  • basic laboratory tests
  • trauma treatment
  • physiotherapy treatment
  • basic therapeutic and surgical dentistry
Keep in mind that the American Medical Centre and European Medical Centre in Moscow cooperate with many international insurance companies, including BUPA International, Allianz WorldWide Care, and CIGNA International. They can also provide treatment by English-speaking personnel. If you do not know which hospital to apply to with your medical insurance, try AMC or EMC.

American Medical Center (AMC)

Address:129090 Moscow, Prospekt Mira 26, building 6 (entrance from Grokholsky Pereulok) 
Phone:+7 (495) 933-77-00  
Еmail: reception.amc@medsigroup.ru

European Medical Center (EMC) 
Address: 123104, Moscow, Russia, Spiridonievsky pereulok 5, bld.1 
Phone: +7 (495) 933-66-55 - multiline, +7 (495) 933-66-45 - emergency
Email: emcinfo@emcmos.ru 


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