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RZD Student Bonus Programme

Are You an HSE Student Who Likes to Travel?

Join the RZD Student Bonus Programme!

Russian Railways (RZD) now has a special offering for students at Russian universities under the RZD Bonus Loyalty programme. 
Through this programme, full-time undergraduate and graduate students at Russian universities are eligible for a 25% discount for tickets to travel in sleep compartments or coach cars with sitting places only, which are deemed equal in comfort to sleep compartment-type cars (e.g., the Strizh, Lastochka, Nevsky Express trains, etc.) in RZD trains operating within Russia. 

In addition to ticket discounts, the RZD Student Bonus programme offers the following:

  • accumulated points for trips on RZD trains, Sapsan and Allegro that can be used to obtain premium (free of charge) train tickets;
  • special offers from the programme’s partners.

Terms for students at HSE University in St.Petersburg 
Terms for students at HSE University in Nizhny Novgorod 
Terms for students at HSE University in Perm 

If you want to take part in the programme, you need to:

  • create an account on the RZD Bonus programme website;
  • get a certificate from your programme office to confirm that you are a student;
  • send the certificate via the feedback form in your personal account.

After sending the certificate, your discount will be validated within 2 (two) days. 

The discount is valid until September 1 of the following academic year.To get your discount extended, please submit the certificate obtained during the current academic year, or contact the Staff and Student Benefits Office. 

More information about the RZD Bonus programme can be found at: www.rzd-bonus.ru.

Signing up for the RZD Bonus Programme

1. To sign up, please visit the website www.rzd-bonus.ru and follow the link Join (Стать участником):

In the pop-up form, fill all the fields marked with an asterix («*»).

Note: leave the field Number of a pre-activated card (Номер предактивированной карты) blank.

  • The fields Full name (ФИО), Date of birth (Дата рождения), Place of birth (Место рождения), Passport series and number (Серия и номер паспорта) and Date of issue (Дата выдачи паспорта) must be filled as stated in your passport.
  • The ticket office staff will then transfer the data in the respective fields to produce a ticket. If the ticket contains incorrect information or if information is lacking in one of the fields, the train steward will have the right to refuse a passenger to board a train.
  • If you buy a ticket to travel abroad (using your international passport), you need to fill in the Surname and Given names fields, as well as input your international passport details to the My Documents section (Мои документы), in addition to your national passport (e.g., passport of an RF citizen).
  • Indicate your actual residence address in order to receive mailings.
  • The Citizenshipfield (Гражданство) must indicate the participant's citizenship. If a student holds a Russian passport, the Citizenship field should state RussianFederation. Otherwise, if another citizenship is indicated, the Russian passport block will be inaccessible in the My Documents section.
  • The Security Query and Answer to Security Query fields must be filled in order to have the option to restore your password through your Personal Account, should the password get lost.

After pressing Save the data (Сохранить данные), you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the address you provided during the registration process. To complete registration, please follow the link in the e-mail.

Note: if you have not received a confirmation e-mail to the address provided during registration, find the 13-digit participant number in the first e-mail with the link to confirm registration.

2. After registration has been confirmed, a welcome letter with a 13-digit participant number (9002…..) will be sent to your e-mail.

To access your Personal Account, you can sign in at www.rzd-bonus.ru and enter the 13-digit participant number in the Login field (Логин) and the password that was previously used to register in the Password field (Пароль) in the top right corner.

Discount Provision
When purchasing a ticket:
  • through ticket booths, specify your number as an RZD Bonus loyalty programme participant;
  • through the RZD website, press the Bonus cards (Бонусные карты) button, and select RZD Bonus Offers: for retired persons, students, partner card holders (Акции «РЖД Бонус»: для пенсионеров, студентов, по партнерским картам), and input the programme participant number to the Input the card number field (Введите номер карты).
Student discounts may only apply to tickets bearing the names of card holders.

When boarding a train, you must present the following:
  • a valid ticket (hard copy);
  • the ID which was used to buy an e-ticket;
  • if the ticket was obtained with a discount available for students between 14 and 25 years of age, RZD officers retain the right to ask you to present your student ID card and certificate.

If you have any questions contact Victoria Margieva: vmargieva@hse.ru  (please put РЖД Бонус/RZD Bonus in the subject line).


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